Drawing inspiration from the Southern California coast, G2G designs have a decidedly organic feel. Designing our jewelry and then hand-crafting much of it in our studio in Newport Beach, G2G designs is able to make sure each piece lives up to the G2G name. Our designs employ a multitude of natural gemstones including aquamarine, turquoise, as well as labradorite, pyrite, moonstone, and so many more. G2G also includes rose cut diamonds in its long list of stones, for those that need a little more sparkle in their lives.

With a touch of shimmer, as well as the more subdued hammered or layered looks, G2G offers texture to all jeweled things. From bold statement pieces to delicate necklaces meant to be layered, G2G jewelry is as sensuous to wear as it is to behold. Light weight and easy to wear we design our pieces so that they are meant to be worn on a daily basis, they don’t feel heavy or cumbersome—they just feel good on. G2G Designs are romantic, elegant, and evocative. Signature pieces are whimsical yet timeless, the sort of pieces that will take on a different look and feel depending on mood and light.

Each piece is handcrafted and is imbued with elegance, artistry, and romance. G2G Designs offer retailers an on-trend line with a worldly sophistication; attracting discerning customers who seek it out in boutiques across the globe. Packaging, displays, and merchandising advice are included with most wholesale orders, and custom orders are welcome.